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We chose a warm and sunny orange to double this Bogolan, the African textile indigenous to Mali.
We were lucky to be able to photograph it at Zingg & Lamprecht, a leading Interior Shop in Zurich.

Every cloth of the new collection is one of a kind. We chose a different textile for each Bogolan as
every Bogolan cloth is unique both in technique and style, which makes the cloth particularly
appealing to contemporary artists and designers.

Many are also drawn to the fact that Bogolan is uniquely Malian, made nowhere else in the world.
It is more and more difficult to get them here, as Mali, unfortunately, is experiencing a political turnmoil.

For the new collection we chose a variety of Indigo, grey, yellow, and red.

They are all very beautiful as every design that adorn bogolan carry a great deal of cultural significance.
The symbols may refer to inanimate objects, to historical events, to mythological subjects or to proverbs.

10% of the sale revenues to to the Phenduka Literacy Programme in Johannesburg,
South AFrica, a remedial course in literacy and mathematics for underpriviledged children.|

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