Carla foulard SA


And why the Leopards?

Because the leopards are very special creatures. They are rare, precious and elusive.
The leopards are also all the gifted and clever women of Kwazulu-Natal (South Africa) who inspired me with their skill in embroidering and their taste for colours and with whom I hope, someday, to be able to work and expand my activity.

Carla F. & the Leopards

For over 30 years I have worked in the world of communication, as a journalist and a producer for TSI (Televisione della Svizzera Italiana). I worked with pictures and sounds reporting from all over the world.

But something, something I had kept hidden in my heart for years suddenly became irresistible: communicating with colours. Because colours are a strong message, and a powerful way of communicating our taste, our state of mind , the way we are.

Strangely enough the start was not difficult. Immediately I found people who believed in what I was doing and convinced me to continue. They did it in the best possible persuasive way: they bought my scarves!

In a very short time, my scarves were available in Zurich (where I live and produce), Lugano, Italy and New York. All in selected and exclusive shops.
Some clients even came back and asked for specific colours and pattern.

Making the step from the virtual world of television to hand embroidering was very logical. Television reporting is a very demanding job and a great responsibility. But it is, at the same time, a very tricky world. It disappears as soon as it goes on air.
Eventually, I wanted to be able to deliver something that would last.

That is why , from the beginning, I chose the best material, travelling to Italy to select silk and cashmere, semi-precious stones and other features.

Only the best is good enough for my clients. And they reward me by asking more and more of my scarves.