M Y   P L A I D S   F O R   T H E   W I N T E R

A touch of Africa and A touch of classic


Mud Cloth (or Bogolan) comes from Mali. It is a "team work" between men and women.
They are hand woven by men, and hand painted with natural colours made of bark, mud and earth by women.It is a very long and enduring work. No one is similar to the other. Mud cloth are the true expression of African hand-craft and can be considered pieces of primitive art. They are difficult to find. Usually what you find on the market are either cheap copies or manufactured. My goal is to have mud cloth appreciated and integrated in our homes. That is why I combine mud cloth with very traditional European fabrics, a sort of "Best of both worlds".
My throws look stunning on a sofa or a bed and somehow keep you company.
They tell the story of very gifted and engaged people, who cannot share ,for a long time to come, our privileges and well being.

My Bogolan are available in Zurich at Le Papillon Interiors, Münstergasse 18, 8001 Zurich, or contact us

Black and Champagne Satin with
grey chiffon

Withe spots with burgundy
and gray chiffon

Burgundy and Champagne Satin
with burgundy organza

Pale blue Wool and chiffon
with spots embroidery

Cream Wool and grey chiffon
with embroidery

Cashmere and Satin burgundy
with siver embroidery


Burgundy cashmere, cilk chiffon
and spots embroidery